Are You Exposing Your Family to Hazardous Household Cleaners?


Many families are unaware that toxic chemical cleaners are hazardous. There are six major problems.

1. Chemicals and the unborn. When a pregnant mother breathes chemical fumes, such exposure can cause mental and/or physical deformity in the fetus.

2. Child poisoning. Nearly 500 children are accidentally blistered or blinded each month.

3. Children are susceptible. Some young people lack motivation or commit irrational acts. It may be the result of impaired rationalization ability caused by inhaling chemical fumes since conception. Experiments have shown students “A” quality schoolwork dropping to “F” level after breathing custodial chemical fumes.

4. Slow poisoning. Hazardous chemical fumes gradually accumulate in your cells. They cause fatigue, joint pain, shortness of breath, heart disease, immune dysfunction, etc.  When a toxic chemical molecule attacks a cell, the cell is mutated. Mutation may lead to cancer. In 1960, cancer was rare. In the 1970s, over 40,000 synthetic chemicals were introduced. Brain cancer increased 47%.

5. Chemical fumes disrupt mental processes. When chemical fumes disrupt the brain’s delicate chemistry, mental functions become unstable. Chemical vapors may cause memory loss, depression, irrational rage and anti-social behavior. Studies in Spain indicated free radicals as a cause of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. In most lives, household chemicals are the primary source of free radical fumes.  Consumers breathe the fumes until their immune systems and brains are damaged, and then accept illness and mental decline as signs of “old age.”

6. Poisoning of lakes and streams. Previously, most pollution came from industrial waste. Now, per the EPA, it comes from chemical cleaners draining from millions of household sinks.  Environmental scientists are describing this epidemic as a “Chemical Nightmare.”


Simple. Replace the unhealthy chemical cleaners with healthier, safer organic cleaners. Until now, there was no acceptable replacement. In attempts to protect my family, I purchased and tested many “environmental” cleaners. All were
Expensive, and (2) Ineffective.  

Fortunately, a new technology provided the solution. It is called “colloidal chemistry.”

 This new science permits the blending of processed extracts of natural plants such as corn, grain, grass, potatoes, etc., to create powerful yet safer and cheaper cleaners… without hazardous chemicals.

Please consider replacing your hazardous chemical cleaners with organic cleaners. They are gentle, healthier and safer, yet they are some of the most powerful cleaners yet discovered. They clean everything from boats, dishes, laundry, bath, and oven to your carpet and car engine!

They remove the cause of bathroom, diaper pail and litter box odors. They remove sour milk odors from baby bottles and fish odor from frying pans.

Some of the products developed by this technology, when tested against Federal performance standards, they excelled at an amazing 105% efficiency. They were used successfully to help neutralize Anthrax contamination in the Justice Department building. They were approved by the U.S. Navy Center for Environmental Health. They are so economical; you can easily afford to replace every hazardous cleaner in your home.

Information provided as a complimentary FYI