To Buy, Or Not To Buy, That Is The Question             


In virtually diving every class taught, people ask "Do I need to buy all this stuff or can I rent it?"  The answer to that question is "YES." Almost all dive shops rent gear, and rentals make diving possible for people who would otherwise not dive.  But you can't rent safety.  If you own your own equipment, you will be familiar with how it works, and where to clip things.  Owning your own gear will guarantee you comfort and fit.  With rental equipment, comfort and fit will rarely be found.  If you own your own equipment you know if it has been properly serviced and by who.  Besides, watch some of the people getting off the dive boat with rental regulators, and think of the person who has to put it in their mouth tomorrow.  I hope they clean them well at night.  All of this adds up to safety and comfort.  The more gear you won, the more likely you are to have a safe and trouble free dive.  How much is your safety worth to you?


Information provided as a complimentary FYI