The Powers of Stones and Crystals 

What powers do stones and crystals possess?
You may think a stone or crystal is simply composed of matter. But matter is built with and from energy and therefore contains energy. This works both ways, because of course energy can be transformed into matter also. This makes a stone or crystal like a battery of sorts, which stores energy from whatever source it's derived. These elemental sources include the sun (heat as in hot lava); air (winds as in sandstone); earth (as in pressures from deep within the body of earth); water (erosion from years of water beating upon the earth) and fire (heat from deep within the earth's body). Stones and crystals are more than simple tools that possess energy. They are magical gifts of the earth that can and do affect our world.

How do we use stones and crystals as tools to better our lives?
I use stones and crystals on a daily basis. I use them to help with healing. Some stones I carry or give to carry as worry stones, thus helping to clear the mind. Some stones I use to help open my subconscious mind in preparation for card readings, while I meditate with others. Some of my stones I use for no other purpose than to look pretty on my table, thus improving my general outlook for the day.

 Are stones and crystals magical?
The magical quality comes about from the interplay between the stone and the user.  Remember, stones and crystals are composed of matter, built from energy and therefore contain energy.  We are also built from matter and contain energy.  This energy can be transferred.  A stone or crystal can receive or project energy, as can we. (How many times has your mood changed because of the moods of the people around you?  You have “absorbed or received” that mood energy.) Stones and crystals are empowered by three primary aspects--need, emotion and knowledge. The need, or intention is most important. This is usually a need that cannot be satisfied by any other means. A need is simply an empty space in your life or a critical condition. "Magic" fills that space or corrects the condition, thereby fulfilling the need. Emotion is power. A good example of this is the old saying "green with envy" or "seeing red." You need to be aware of the emotion beneath or behind the need in order to raise enough power to direct the energy accordingly. It's the emotion that frees the power in the stone to release, or manifest the need into form. Just as knowledge arouses our own energy, the knowledge we bring to our work with stones and crystals help us to release their power to fulfil our need. Knowledge includes visualization, concentration and the belief that power exists in reality. Please remember:

   Magic is harmony with nature, not domination.
Most stones and crystals fall into one of two categories. They are either projective stones or receptive stones. Quartz crystals are both projective and receptive, depending on how they are used. Projective stones possess strong forceful energies. They could be used to help destroy illness, strengthen the conscious mind, to send a particular energy into an object or person (such as courage) and to drive off unwanted negative energies. Projective stones contact the conscious mind. Receptive stones are soothing, calming, inward and magnetic. They promote meditation, spirituality, wisdom and mysticism. They help "ground" us. Receptive stones open the communications between our conscious and subconscious minds.

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