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We have been  helping local businesses grow since 2000.  We have worked with hundreds of businesses and learned from both the mistakes others have made and the things that have helped businesses start succeeding faster.  From start up through new marketing plans to keep your existing business revenue expanding, we have a unique perspective and information you need if you are going to be successful.

All of our businesses are carefully chosen and monitored for quality and dependability.  If you are starting a new business or have a quality existing business, see us for the help you need.  The information is free.  We always advise it is smarter to work from a position of knowledge rather than making decisions without the proper information.

If you qualify, there are just some of the advantages to being a part of something larger than yourself. 

Have Your Info At Events When you are a member of CityBizDirectory, your information will also be with us at over 40 days of events in this area. Would you give us $20.00 a day when we are actually at a major event to have your literature available to everyone that is there?  You could not even drive it to the event and come back to pick it up at the end of the event for that...yet, we can have your information there and be able to explain why people should use your business for less than that!  We will have your information in front of  300,000 to 400,000 local residents a year from our exhibits.  You will also be invited to come with us to events to meet and greet people and tell them about your business for yourself, in person, in our event space at no additional cost!  If we put you in front of a couple thousand people in an afternoon, can you find a customer? I would hope so! Plus you can also take advantage of discounted event space at many events you may want to do on your own, and get one on one help learning how to make events profitable for you.  Click to see our outdoor event display.

Our Traffic Becomes Your Traffic Your business will be included in the CityBizDirectory business listings, along with key search words, your contact information, a link to your website if you have one, and online coupons you can change anytime free!  We already have local visitors coming to CityBizDirectory that can find you.

Come Up On Google Since our costs are spread out over a large number of businesses, we can afford to do a more thorough search engine submission for you as part of our group than you can afford to do on your own.  Because of this, we can generally get you at the top of Google and other search queries, so people that are looking for you can find you, even if you don't have a web site!  This alone would cost you, as an individual, more than our whole membership, but we include it as just part of the membership.  We will also provide you with your own web page so you can tell who you are, and why people should do business with you!  Want a web presence of your own with a domain name tied to it without spending a lot of money?  We can give you a great web presence for just the price of a domain name (about $12.00) when you become a member of CityBizDirectory! Just making this happen, (creating what is in essence a 3 page web site that actually comes up on search queries), normally costs more than our whole membership again in the outside world, but not here at CityBizDirectory, and you still get all the other advantages we talk about here, and more!  If you want a custom web site of your own, we have resources to help you get it built, complete with shopping carts and merchant accounts if needed, that you can even update and maintain yourself, with the best SEO and Search Engine Submissions included, and get it done at a price that will save you more than our membership again!  Being a part of an established resource network is a smart way to get ahead and save! 

Advice We can advise you on things like how to choose a business name, incorporating, how to obtain your domain name, email, insurance and worker's comp, and more start up issues. We can even help you with issues a more mature business goes through.  We have been doing this since the turn of the century.  I won't say we have seen it all, but we have experienced quite a lot, and seen many ways situations and problems were handled. As an experienced, unemotional, "outside looking in" advisor, we can give strategic advise on a variety of different issues.

Savings Our Business Advantage Rewards will save you more than our marketing costs in savings on things you need to start and/or operate your business, and we will get you to the right people the first time.  No playing phone book roulette where you call and call and end up with less than you bargained for at prices higher than you need to pay.  We have done the due diligence and negotiating for you.  You save both time and money.  These include just about everything you need for your business, lots of things you need for your home and personal life, and many can be used as a kind of employee benefit program that pays you!

Media Discounts We even have discounts on print media that, if you take advantage of it, will save you more than our membership costs.

Networking  There is no better way to ensure new business than to meet people and make friends.  We can help you do that both within our membership and at events. We also generate leads internally between our businesses as opportunities arise.

Affordable We even have a way you can earn your membership with no out of pocket expense if you qualify.  Can you do that anywhere else?

Get Help You Won't Get Anywhere Else  Most people are in business for themselves by themselves, and believe us, that is a hard and lonely way to do it.  Let us show you how to be in business for yourself with help from people who care about your success!  We can't succeed unless you do!  You'll always get the right help!  It's to our advantage to make sure you have the right information to enable you to make better business decisions.

Bottom Line  We'll save you more than your membership on things you are going to do anyway, put you in front of more people in a quality environment for less money than anywhere else, and be there to help you every step of the way. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.  There is much, much more. We can even tailor our programs to meet your specific requirements, and it is all included with your membership!

Sound Too Good To Be True? All of this may seem too good to be true. It is, in fact, a lot for the money, especially in today’s economy. The fact is, all this is possible only because we are a large group of quality businesses all working together, pooling and sharing resources. CityBizDirectory is the administrator and coordinator. By being a part of a large group of businesses all pushing in the same direction, we can provide a platform with benefits, resources and leverage that none of us could have on our own. It will pay for itself many times over in time, customers, savings and advantages if you participate. This is not too good to be true, it is too good to pass up! We have helped lots of new businesses get started and hundreds more with their marketing and advertising.  We even have an exclusive offer ... If you can find a better marketing platform with more advantages and more exposure for less money, we'll buy it for you!  So what have you got to lose!  Call to see what we offer and how we can help you and your business succeed today!  

You Owe It To Yourself To Check Us Out! If you are serious about working your business and want to succeed, give us a call and see if you qualify.  If you are thinking about starting a business, don't do another thing until you sit down with us! At the very least you will walk away with a lot of valuable information you didn't have before meeting with us, and at best, you may find a perfect fit for success!

All this and more for about $70.00 a month if you qualify!
You owe it to yourself to come in and talk with us.
The information is Free...all you have to lose is time and business!

We Work Hard For You!

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