As far as I can tell, Angie doesn't know any of the businesses on her list.  We know all of ours! 
Anyone can get their business listed on Angie's list.  We only accept a couple of any type of business in an area.  An Angie's List business can pay their friends to join and give good references for their business.  Scumbags can almost always find a way to con the system.  Not at CityBizDirectory!  We have been here doing this locally for over 20 years now, and we know who the good guys are and who the gangsters are.  Everyone that you find on CityBizDirectory has met with us personally and had to prove why they deserve our recommendation! We also check up on people through our business network, then monitor them by your online feedback input and when we go out and meet you in person at events. When we refer someone, we stake our name and reputation on it.  We see this as a huge responsibility.  We have also kept shop in the same office location for over 20 years, and our contact information and address is listed for you at the bottom of this eNewsLetter.  Do you know how to find Angie?  Oh, and Angie charges you to use her list ..., all of our information is free! Does Angie pay  you to help find and refer good businesses?  No she doesn't ... but we do!  Just look below to see how it works! Even if you can't find what you need on our site, you can call us personally and we will help you!  Just because we don't have it listed doesn't mean we don't know where it is!  Helping you is what we do. No, we're nothing like Angie's List ... and we like it that way!