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Bio Green is a locally owned and operated business. Both owners, Randy and Bill, grew up in Florida. Randy Hurt grew up in Venice Florida and has been living in Lee county since 2001. Bill Blauvelt grew up in Lee county and has been in the green industries since the early 1990's. 

They were originally introduced at an Oktoberfest through mutual friends.  At the time, Bill owned a large landscaping and lawn care business and Randy was in banking. At the time they met, they had no idea how intertwined their lives would become.

Meet Bill & Randy of Bio Green.  They have the products and know how to make your yard and shrubs beautiful.

Randy has always had a love for nature and has spent many years in the southwest Florida outdoors. Educated at UF, he has a BS and a BA and received his MBA from FGCU. He has a background in finance and banking and has worked for a large financial company in London before returning to his home in Florida.

Bill is a landscape architect and received his degree in this from FSU, and has also graduated from the golf course school in Lake Wales, Florida. With over 20 years of experience in the landscaping, fertilization, and lawn maintenance industries, he first learned about the advanced soil amending fertilizer about 4 years ago and immediately started the Bio Green business.

In 2014, as the banking business continued to change, Randy found himself looking at other opportunities.  Bill was becoming overwhelmed running the landscaping and Bio Green business, and told Randy if he was really looking for a good opportunity, he had one he could buy in to. That is when Bill and Randy became partners in Bio Green.  They haven't looked back since!

While fertilization is vital to a green, healthy yard in Florida, there are some problems. Improper and excessive fertilization can lead to pollution issues. Traditional granular fertilizer is all too often washed away by our sprinklers and rain. It is washed into our lakes, ponds, canals, and waterways. This leads to many problems like algae blooms, excessive aquatic plant growth, red tide, and mineral build up.

With advances in science and a more environmentally conscious public, now is the perfect time for Bio Green. While the industry is moving towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly fertilization practices, Bill and Randy are ahead of the curve and  making a difference.

By using a safe, all natural, non toxic fertilizer that limits run off pollution, Bio Green is the best choice. Their mantra is that they are redefining fertilization one yard at a time.

Bill and his wife have 3 kids.  When they are not working, they enjoy camping, fishing and participating with the kids in Tae Kwon Do.  Randy and his wife have 5 kids. They also enjoy camping, and spend their time taking kids to football, baseball, cheerleading and archery.  Both enjoy spending time with their families, and they work and play together.

Bio Green
Serving Lee And Collier County


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