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Don spent most of his life is Massachusetts and New Hampshire before coming to Southwest Florida in 2002.  He had always been in various businesses, always as a top sales producer  One of his jobs was as a purchasing agent for a major video chain. It didn't take long before he saw what a video store could make, and opened his own.  This was his first experience with Merchant Services taking credit cards.  "What a nightmare!  It was hard for me to believe anything as common as taking credit cards could be that convoluted!" he says.

When he realized the big video chains were going to make it almost impossible for a small guy to succeed, he sold his business and bought a Subway franchise.  He figured he already knew what he needed to know about merchant accounts when he opened the Subway, but it didn't take long before he realized that he had been lied to by the rep he could no longer find and that he had got taken again!  But he had signed that contract thinking he was locking in a good deal.

The reason we tell you this is so you know that Don has been in your shoes, has retail experience, and is now on a crusade to help people with their merchant accounts.  Very few businesses can be successful without taking credit cards, and Don is here to help get them honest and reliable answers and save money, headaches and problems.

"It's not how much you make on an account," he says.  "It's how many accounts you get and how long they stay with you.  From there, it's all word of mouth.  If you do right by someone and they realize they really did get a great deal and you give them great personal service after the sale, they tell their friends that own businesses. People appreciate it if they have a problem that I show up instead of them having to talk to someone they can't understand from India."

Don relates most of the problems to merchant reps that are only in the business for a short time that tell people anything or don't tell them enough just so they get paid for a new account.  They sell rates they don't exist and tell half truths.  The fact of the matter is that EVERYONE pays the same rates through Visa and MasterCard.  The big differences is on service charges, fees, processing machine costs and contract fees. And some just feel they are worth more or need to get more up front because they know you will get wise and they will lose the business soon. 

We at CityBizDirectory can speak for Don.  He came to us through our businesses as someone they found that told them the truth and saved them money.  That was in 2006.  He now has almost half of the CityBizDirectory network using his services, and people are happy!

Don's real loves are his family and baseball.  Don played baseball for many years.  Many of you may recognize him for the many years he spent coaching at Verdow field.  Now that his kids are a little older, he is enjoying spending time with his wife, kids and grandkids

Donald Kane
East Commerce Solutions
Merchant Accounts & Credit Card Processing

Serving Cape Coral, Fort Myers And All Of Lee County

 239-297-4462 Phone
800-527-5395 ext. 248 Toll Free 


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