Business Referral Program

Our Mission Statement:  We created CityBizDirectory to enable the people who use it to have fun while finding reliable businesses to use.  Everyone has heard horror stories of how customers have been mistreated and taken advantage of, or gotten shoddy goods or service from a company because they just didn't have the appropriate information.

We have been striving to find the best in businesses since 2000.  We have decided that the best way to expand our directory and make sure we have great businesses that have good reputations and give good quality, customer service, and value, was to let you, our users, help us find them. 

If everyone that uses CityBizDirectory recommended just one business, we would have thousands of quality business recommendations you could depend on.  By all of us working together and sharing information, we can create the ultimate customer experience to help meet all your needs every time!  Not only is our service Free for you, the consumer ... we will even pay you to help make us better!

This Business Referral Program is a great way for us to insure finding those quality businesses while allowing you to help make CityBizDirectory more responsive to your needs and making some great part time money at the same time. 

In our Business Referral Program, anytime you come across a business you feel should be in CityBizDirectory, let the owner know.  Tell them they should see how we can help them and you will be glad as a CityBizDirectory user to make a personal introduction.  There is no cost to them to find out how we work and what we can do to help them, and it should only take 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the questions they have for us.

If they are agreeable to listen, call  us at 239-549-5599 and give us the information about who you talked to with their number .... We will use your name when we call them.  When they let us know they were expecting our call from your referral, and if they come into our program within 30 days of your referral, we will send you a check for $200.00 as our way of saying Thank You for making the referral. 

If you have questions or need more information, please feel free to call and we will be glad to answer any questions you ask. 

Are you looking for a full or part time opportunity?  Call us.  We are always looking for quality people and love part time people looking for an opportunity to help people!  Call Bob1 at 239-549-5599.

What Kinds Of Businesses Are We Looking For?

Almost any retail business businesses that you use and like. 

Businesses that present a quality product in a pleasant environment.

 Businesses and shops that have unique things that people just don't know about
or would be interested in if they knew where to get them. 

Any service business that you have used that actually did what they said
for what they said and left you wanting to tell someone about them.

We are interested in any business that wants to grow.

We especially want good restaurants!  They must have seating. 
We can show them an incredible profit center with our program!

We want businesses where the decision maker is local.

What Kinds Of Businesses Are We NOT Looking For?

Statewide or National Chains
(like Outback, Wal-Mart, convenience stores like gas stations or Circle K's, etc.)

Real Estate Sales Companies

Carry out businesses (like pizza or subs without seating)

Businesses where the decision maker is not located in this area

Here is a listing of some of what we are looking for

Remember that any business you refer to us that becomes a member will be at CityBizDirectory
with specials and Online Click & Print Coupons for your added convenience and savings every day!

If you have questions, please feel free to call.  We will be glad to help you!
Just ask for Bob1 at 239-549-5599

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