If you use CityBizDirectory, you already know that any business we present to our users is pre-qualified, then monitored, for their Reputation, Quality, Value, and Service. We wouldn't have it any other way.  Our goal is to bring the best of the best, and to provide our users with information and discounts on businesses they know, plus unique and niche businesses with products, services, and values they might not ordinarily find.

We look for a couple of great choices for any type of business in several different areas, namely Cape Coral, Fort Myers, South Ft Myers, and are looking to expand into East Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres, and Punta Gorda/Port Charlotte.

What we are looking for are well groomed, attractive, intelligent people to take an area, and visit businesses that we need.  To go in, see what they have, see how they greet customers, look at their pricing and products, and see if it is a place our users in that area would want to use for what that business does.

If it is a business that meets our criteria, the spotter would then find out who the owner/decision maker is, and set an appointment for a meeting so we can show them how CityBizDirectory can help their business.

This is simple.  It is probably the best Mommy job anywhere.  Find out where everything is, how much everything is, and get paid for being out of the house checking out businesses!

You can't work much before 9:00 AM or past about 4:00 PM, never on weekends. Be home to get the kids to school, and be home when they get back!  You might have 30 or 40 minutes a day on the phone. You can work your schedule where and when you want to work!

This can also be a full time endeavor, and can be quite profitable. 

To get an idea of what we do, click here.

To find out more about what we are offering, call CityBizDirectory at 239-549-5599 and set an appointment to discuss the possibilities.

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