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Why should you be using CityBizDirectory to find what you need?

Because We Work For You Checking Out And Monitoring Businesses!
Just because someone owns a business and has a checkbook does not mean they can be a member business in CityBizDirectory! The big thing we have to offer is our ability to choose and screen quality businesses. And, even if we accept them, don't think of them as paying for us to advertise them, but rather that they are posting a performance bond they can lose if you show us they are not performing for you up to our standards, because we fire them!  The phone books don't do that! None of the "List" sites do that. In fact, as far as we know, we are the only ones that require a business to prove itself to be with and stay with us! So, if you are ever in a situation of needing something and don't know who to use, you can trust our business referrals will meet or exceed your expectations.

We Provide Expanded Information 
Our business listings give you much more information than businesses can afford to put in a traditional print format.  We also give you links to their web sites so you can get expanded information and what their background is, and lets you know who they are before you do business with them.  We also offer Topic Groupings to help you find everything related to a topic that we have.  We do our best to help you find quality businesses that offer value and service and save you time and money!  We also value your feedback.  Do you have something to say?  Click here!

Use Click & Print Online Coupons
Our businesses want you to use these, so when you need something, check the business listing, then click on the coupon, print it, and save!  These are their coupons, so you don't have to worry about them not being good.  Now you don't have to keep a drawer full of expired coupons, just go to CityBizDirectory and print what you need!

We Let You Know What Is New
In our eNewsLetter is a special section titled Featured Businesses And Changed Offers that will let you know what businesses are new, what offers have changed, and things that are pertinent to the time, such as seasonal offers, holiday offers, etc.  This way you will always know what is new and different and where the deals are at a quick glance. Click here for the newest eNewsLetter.

Find Government & Community Resources & Info With Quick Links
We have compiled a complete resource guide to find what you need in an easy to use link section.  Find government & community offices, resources, and information all in one place.  
It contains all the local, state and federal links you will probably need to find what you are looking for plus it will tell you where the predators and pedophiles are in your neighborhood!  We are always working to keep your kids safe, you should, too!  The information is in here and is easy to find! Click for Quick Link Resource.

People ask us "Aren't You Like Angie's List?  
THE ANSWER IS NO, WE ARE NOT LIKE ANGIE'S LIST!  As far as I can tell, Angie doesn't know any of the businesses on her list.  We know all of ours!  Anyone can get their business listed on Angie's list.  We only accept a couple of any type of business in an area.  An Angie's List business can pay their friends to join and give good references for their business.  Scumbags can almost always find a way to con the system.  Not at CityBizDirectory!  We have been here doing this locally for over 20 years now, and we know who the good guys are and who the gangsters are.  Everyone that you find on CityBizDirectory has met with us personally and had to prove why they deserve our recommendation! We also check up on people through our business network, then monitor them by your online feedback input and when we go out and meet you in person at events. When we refer someone, we stake our name and reputation on it.  We see this as a huge responsibility.  We have also kept shop in the same office location for over 20 years, and our contact information and address is listed for you at the bottom of this eNewsLetter.  Do you know how to find Angie?  Oh, and Angie charges you to use her list ..., all of our information is free! Does Angie pay  you to help find and refer good businesses?  No she doesn't ... but we do!  Just look below to see how it works! Even if you can't find what you need on our site, you can call us personally and we will help you!  Just because we don't have it listed doesn't mean we don't know where it is!  Helping you is what we do. No, we're nothing like Angie's List ... and we like it that way! 

We'll Give You $200 Just To Recommend Us!  Right now, for a limited time, we are offering you a substantial reward by helping to make us more responsive to your needs.  We will pay you $200.00 for every business you recommend that we accept as a member! Can you recommend more than one?  Sure!  But if everyone recommended just one, we would have thousands of quality business recommendations, coupon offers to provide savings on everything you do, and Great GiveAways galore!  But this $200.00 offer is for a limited time, so take advantage of it while it lasts! Click here for more information .

By all of us working together and sharing information, we can create the ultimate customer experience to help meet all your needs every time!  
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All of the businesses in CityBizDirectory are chosen for 
Use any of them with confidence! Now you can find what you need or want in 
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